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**** Just released - JHawk 6.1.7 ****

JHawk - Java code quality management - by Fact!

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2. Configure

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4. Analyze

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4. Analyze (Dashboard table)

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7. Visualize

From the start JHawk has been the leader in Java metrics tools. Since our first release over ten years go we have been the innovators - amongst these achievements we were the first to produce IDE integration (for Visual Age for Java) and the first to provide the CSV, XML and HTML export formats. Our online articles on metrics (read them here) are widely consulted. JHawk also produces the widest range of Java code metrics - you'll find a list of them here. Even if the metric you are looking for is not listed the professional versions of JHawk provide an interface that allows you to create your own metrics using the data collected by JHawk - you can also use data collected outside of JHawk.

JHawk is a static code analysis tool - i.e. it takes the source code of your project and calculates metrics based on numerous aspects of the code - for example volume, complexity, relationships between class and packages and relationships within classes and packages. For a discussion on why static code analysis in general (and JHawk in particular) is a cost-effective means of assessing and ensuring code quality see our latest paper Where's my ROI?

JHawk's customers operate at all levels - from small developers, through consultancies and multinationals. We're widely used in academic circles as well. If you are an outsourcer or an outsource supplier you will find our guide to outsourcing using JHawk useful.

Academic link logoYou can find references to academic studies that have used JHawk here.

JHawk 6.1.7- Our latest Release

The latest release (JHawk 6.1.7) of our product updates the ANTLR parser to version 4.7.1. Another major change is that we are no longer including an Eclipse plugin - we found that very few users were using this functionality and changes to Eclipse made multi-platform support difficult. The new release also incorporates a number of improvements to the performance and accuracy of our metric collection. Full details of these changes are contained in the product documentation - which you can download with the demo versions which you can download here. JHawk is capable of producing a whole range of metrics and you can get a complete list of these by clicking on this link. We've also given you the ability to create your own metrics and to fully integrate them with JHawk - you can find out more about how to do this in the product documentation.

From this page you can find out everything about the new release and you can download a demo which includes the documentation for our products. Our main product is the Professional release which is available in Single-User, Site and Corporate versions. We're clear and upfront about our license pricing - you can find out about that here. The JHawk Professional license includes the following features - click on the images to find out more.

We also have a low-cost entry level product - JHawk Starter - for those who don't need the full features of the Personal and Professional versions of the product.

The core of our products is our standalone code analyser which analyses your Java code and prepares your results to be viewed with the application itself or exported to HTML, CSV and XML formats. Using our JHawk interchange XML format you can keep your information about a Java file set and review it at any time you don't have to re analyse the Java source code.Click here or on the images to find out more
Our Data Viewer product which allows you to view the variation in your code over time based on JHawk Interchange files generated from the standalone and command line versions. It also has a facility to export your data for use in the Google Motion Chart Visualization.Click here or on the image to find out more
Our Command Line version of JHawk which analyses your Java and code and automatically creates output in HTML, CSV and XML formats (both standard and JHawk Interchange format).Click here or on the image to find out more

You may be interested in some of our other products. All have demo or trial versions. Just click on the links below to find out more -

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