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Why Btrees?

BTrees are one of programmings well kept secrets. They are the highly efficient data storage mechanisms underpinning todays most powerful commercial databases. These databases interpose an SQL layer between you and the underlying BTree structure, Virtual Machinery's B+Tree implementation strips away this layer and gives you access to the raw power underneath.Find out more about how you can use this power here


The B+Tree is one of the most performant disk-based data structures available. This is why it is at the heart of the main industrial-strength database systems. At Virtual Machinery we believe we offer the best balance between performance and data integrity possible. With our 20 years experience in the business we know what users require and we deliver it, offering sub-millisecond response on large datasets. This performance is available on any platform that supports Java from hand held devices to mainframes. We also offer a read-only library for the iOS platform. Find out more about Virtual Machinery's BTree performance by clicking here.

Virtual Machinery B+Tree - same B+Tree different platforms

The images shown below are from the demos supplied with Virtual Machinery's B+Tree. In each case exactly the same B+Tree was used on each platform and contained text, image and sound data. You can download these demos using the link on the right

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Click here to download demos for Java SE, Java EE, J2ME, Android and iOS

1. Text

2. Image

3. Sound

Prices from $94.95.

Click here to find out more about prices, licenses and how to buy Virtual Machinerys BTree implementation online.

Our BTree Product

Virtual Machinery offers a B+Tree implementation for the Java platform. The distribution comes with full documentation and example code. BTrees are useful in the Java SE environment but also in the J2EE and J2ME environments. Our implementation also works out of the box in the Android environment. Our Java implementation is pure Java and as such is platform independent with a small footprint (less than 40k). Virtual Machinery has been producing BTree implementations since 1990 and our code is used at the heart of Banking, Process Control, Telecommunications and Entertainment systems. The release also includes a read-only library for Objective-c allowing B+Trees created in the Java environment to be accessed in an iOS (i.e. Apple iPhone or iPad) environment. Find out more about our product by clicking here. We offer a number of demonstration applications that use our B+Tree technology on each of these platforms- you can download these by clicking here.

How do BTrees work?

B+Trees are a structured data storage mechanism which divides the keys used to store the data and the data itself in files in the file system. Since the keys are usually smaller than the data it is very quick to find the key. The B+Tree is organised so that the key points directly to data and it can then be fetched very quickly. You can think of a BTree as being like a persistent hashmap. You can find out more about the theory of B+Trees here.


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