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Creating Text Items

The text items panel allows you to create text items that can be displayed at any point on the surface of your widget. At the top of the panel is a list which shows a summary of the items that you have added and two buttons to edit and delete these items in the list. Below this is a panel which allows you to set the details for each text item. Pressing the edit button on the list will place the details of the selected item in the list into this panel. Pressing the add button on this panel will replace the entry in the list.

  • Text Items list - Summary list of text items entered
  • Edit button - Edit details of selected item in list
  • Delete Button - Delete details of selected item in list
  • X Co-ordinate - X co-ordinate of text location
  • Yco-ordinate - Y co-ordinate of text location
  • Text - the actual text to be displayed
  • Font (name, size, bold or italic) - The font in which the text is to be displayed
  • Text colour - the colour of the text to be displayed
  • Add button - Adds a text item to the text items list. (in the case of an edited item replaces the existing record)

The 'Delete text' button will not actually get rid of your work on the text items. You can put the items back on the illustrative display (and into the generated code) simply by pressing the 'Save text' button again.


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