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After you have installed the product you can start the indicator creator application by using the supplied batch file (you may have to edit this to suit your local environment - see the install instructions ). First the splash screen then the application will display giving you three options depending on the type of Indicator that you want to create. Here are examples of each of the three types of indicator available to give you some ideas -

  • Radio Knobs

  • Meters

  • LED Displays

Once you have decided on the type of indicator that you want to create click on the appropriate button to start the application - you can read more on the specific requirements for each type by following the links below - There is also a guide to the common features of each of the screens here and a programmers guide here

You can find out more about creating code here using the creator here (*** NB - the demo version does not allow code creation ***). And you can find out more about using the API here and a detailed javadoc guide to the API here .

You can read more about how to test your indicator here .


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