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The sample application will have to be installed and compiled before it can be run. First copy the indicators jar VMIndicators.jar and the com folder from the code directory of your installation to a folder that is on your java classpath (or copy them into the \bin directory of your installation). Then modify the compileSamples.bat and runSample.bat files to reflect your local environment and where you have installed the files. Then run the compileSamples.bat batch file - if this is successful the run the runSample.bat batch file. All of the code for the demo is in the ..\code\com\virtualmachinery\indicators\samples\ file.

*** Please note that the sample application is not packaged with the Indicators Demo ***

The sample application (shown above) illustrates how to use indicators created using the Indicator creator. It includes 3 controls of each type - Radio Knob, LED bar and Meter. The first radio knob can be used to set the value of each of the other two radio knobs. The value set by each radio knob is used to set the value of the LED bar and meter associated with each radio knob. This means that changing the value of the The LED bar and meter associated with each radio knob are above it in the application. The values of each of the indicators are shown in text boxes. Note how the text colour in the boxes associated with the meters changes to reflect the region of the meter that the needle is in. The code used to create this demo is explained in the Programmers Guide .


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