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Virtual Machinery specialises in the production of top-quality software tools and components built for the Java Platform*. Their component-centric design allows users to extend and replace functionality easily. All of our products come with extensive documentation (including javadoc) and demonstration applications. All of them come with a range of licensing options.



JHawk is the leading static code analysis tool - i.e. it takes the source code of your project and calculates metrics based on numerous aspects of the code - for example volume, complexity, relationships between class and packages and relationships within classes and packages. Click here for full details.

Numerous license options (including academic licensing scheme) available. Click here for more details.

Virtual Machinery offers a B+Tree implementation for the Java platform. The distribution comes with full documentation and example code. BTrees are useful in the Java SE environment but also in the J2EE and J2ME environments. Our implementation also works out of the box in the Android environment. Our java implementation is pure Java and as such is platform independent with a small footprint (less than 40k). Virtual Machinery has been producing BTree implementations since 1990. A read only library in Objective-C is also available for use in the Apple iOS environment. Click here for full details.

Numerous license options (including commercial distribution license) available. Click here for more details.

Virtual Machinery's Indicator Widget creator is a set of applications which allow you to interactively create Radio style Knobs, Meters, Dials and LED indicators for use in a java environment. The WYSIWYG envronment allows you to fine-tune your designs to exactly meet your requirements, instantly showing each change as it is saved. Test interfaces are provided to show the capabilities of each design. When you are satisfied with your design you can create code which you can then cut and paste into your application. Applications can then be distributed with a small jar (<40k). Click here for full details.

Numerous license options available. Click here for more details.


*** JUST RELEASED *** JHawk 6.1.7. View details here or download a free evaluation here

Current Version of JHawk is 6.1.7. Standalone and Command line versions. View details here or download a free evaluation here

Version 6 of our BTree product now supports Apple iOS - iPhones and iPads - download our great demos here

Create Meters, Dials, Knobs, Gauges and LED indicators with our WYSIWYG indicator creator - Read documentation here - and Demo available - download it here

View our free guide to objected oriented software metrics here.

For a discussion on why static code analysis in general (and JHawk in particular) is a cost-effective means of assessing and ensuring code quality see our latest paper Where's my ROI?


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