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This roadmap is designed to give you some idea of which of Virtual Machinery's BTree products are most appropriate to the type of application development that you intend to undertake. Our aim in the approach is to ensure that functionality and licensing rights are additive. This ensures that you don't have to invest in our products/licenses until you need to do so and gives you a low cost yet functional entry to the product range. You should read this in conjunction with our licensing document which includes more explicit details about the contents of each package.

Base BTree License
This is the introductory level to the BTree product. It has all the functionality that you need to develop fully functional applications using the BTree classes plus additional code to develop Read Only BTrees and to implement BTrees in the J2ME environment. .

BTree Toolkit Runtime
The BTree Toolkit allows you to inspect and modify existing BTree files. It's primary uses are to track down and fix problems with BTrees. It is also useful if you are building large Read Only BTrees for distribution as it can additionally compress these BTrees to make them smaller and more efficient.

Source Code
At some point you may wish to modify the BTree code to make it more appropriate to your needs and may wish to purchase the source code. These products allow you to do that and provide additional documentation to help you use this additional code. You can distribute applications using modified code that you have created but certain restrictions apply in this case - these are outlined in the licensing document.

Distribution License
If you have created applications using the products above which you wish to distribute on a commercial basis or even within your own organisation you will require a distribution license. You should consult the licensing document to select the most appropriate distribution license.

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